The rice mill belonging to Nordic Food Partners A/S, located in Jutland, Denmark, is probably the only rice mill in Europe, which exclusively processes organic rice.


Since our rice products are cultivated strictly according to organic standards and regulations, just as Nature intended it, and since we  totally decline from using insecticides and fertilizers etc, there is a fair risk of infestation, if no precautions are taken. 

However, this risk is monitored and controlled to perfection in-house by NFP, since we do take all possible precautions and have great experience with our anti-infestation initiatives.


At the factory we freeze, dry, clean, mill and we pack the rice ourselves, and we are able to guarantee that the rice is always in correct shape as commercial and merchantable standards.


Our overall objective is to be an active partner in the growth of sales of organic food products and to offer a reliable and safe supply of certified, authentic organic food products for the European market.


Our packing facilities can handle many different kinds of food, and we pack our products, in elegant and user-friendly zip-lock bags or cardboard boxes. We can handle anything from 200g bags to 1000kg big bags.

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Nordic Food Partners is authorized for import, production and trade of organic food products  by the Danish authorities. Our organic products are marked with the red Ø label, since the processing and/or packing takes place in Denmark.


Our organic products are labelled with the EU organic flag, assuring that the products are merchantable according to the common EU legislation on organic food. 


Our production is FSSC 22000 certified. FSSC 22000 is an acknowledged global certification, which requires internationally approved and safe practices for production, hygiene and testing of products. 


Nordic Food Partners A/S is KRAV certified. KRAV is a Swedish organic label, which besides the organic status additionally requires high standards for working conditions, CSR, environmental impact, etc. in the full supply chain of the products. As an example the Änglamark products we supply Coop in the Nordic region are  all KRAV labelled. 

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