CSR and growth go hand in hand

At Nordic Food Partners A/S, we believe that CSR and growth go hand in hand. Therefore, it is our business philosophy that, through the development of ecology and sustainability, we create a company that is good for the various societies we are a part of and thus good for the world.

Innovation that improves the farmers' standard of living
We innovate through our efforts towards our partners, which contributes to the farmers in exporting countries switching from conventional production to organic production. An approach that both meets the growing demand for organic food and simultaneously improves the farmers' standard of living.

With an increased focus on partner projects in interdisciplinary collaborations, we mainly focus on better working conditions, a greater return on the products and increased biodiversity, which ultimately create better living conditions for the farmer, his family, and the community they are part of.


Nordic Food Partners supplier projects:

Hilltribe Organics transfers knowledge of organic farming to the farmers and their families. The project aims to double the family income and create real and lasting social change for the Thai hilltribe community. Read more about the project here.

Amrurice's activities and projects are aimed at improving farmers' income and livelihoods. They work purposefully on the sector's general promotion and development and endeavor to reap the full benefits of the country's "white gold" as a recognized international product. Read more about their projects here.

Code of conduct

We believe that our ability to operate and develop Nordic Food Partners responsibly and sustainably, with respect for both people and the environment, is crucial for our continued growth and success.

Our CSR policies are described in our Code of Conduct, which all Nordic Food Partners employees and all approved suppliers must follow. The Code of Conduct lays down compliance with all applicable environmental, occupational and safety issues and similar laws:

  • NFP and suppliers to NFP must at all times respect and comply with local as well as international legislation and environmental legislation.

  • NFP and NFP suppliers must not use involuntary labor (forced labor).

  • ​​NFP and suppliers to NFP must treat all employees equally and with respect.

  • NFP and suppliers to NFP must not discriminate against employees, nor co-operation partners.

  • NFP and NFP providers must actively allow their employees to join (eg, in a trade union) and to negotiate their terms of employment collectively.

  • NFP and suppliers to NFP must not use child labor under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the ILO Conventions.

  • NFP and NFP suppliers must not allow social injustice or breaches of human rights in supply chains.

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