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Since 2001, Nordic Food Partners A/S was founded by current Chief Executive Officer, René Borgholt.

For a number of years, Nordic Food Partners A/S operated as a trading company for food products on the Scandinavian market.


Within a few years, the company took over the packing plant in Højslev in Jutland, and today we offer multiple different packing solutions such as doy-pack bags with zip-locks, cardboard boxes, and 5 kg products, all produced at the very same location.


René Borgholt

Chief Executive Officer

The name of Nordic Food Partners A/S is far from random, and it was originally  designed to emphasize the fact that our entire company is based on long lasting partnerships, with clients as well as any other part of the supply chain.

Trust and loyalty are key words for us.

Chief Operating Officer

Lars Hartvig Christensen

Thomas Frey

Sales Director

Our new slogan "Organic, Now for Everyone" represents the strong ambition of NFP and our commercial partners to market high quality organic food products at attractive prices, without compromising quality, authenticity, DNA, or ethical codes.

The Simply Organics brand was developed as our first important step towards a huge expansion of our organic assortment to also include seeds, kernels, beans and lentils.

From here, further expansion seems natural.


At our office in Højslev in Denmark, located just next to our factory and rice mill, our dedicated and skilled team of 6 full time employees are handling the ongoing quality assurance, planning, order execution and finances.


At our production site in Højslev, Denmark, 15 skilled, loyal colleagues are engaged in processing and packaging high quality food to a wide range of European supermarkets, food service companies and industrial clients.

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