Simply Organics

Simply Organics is Nordic Food Partner's own brand. Simply Organics offers a large selection of organic and nutritious products.

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Private label

Do you have a dream of running your own series of organic foods? In that case, Nordic Food Partners A/S can help you with development and production. Our many years of expertise and knowledge about food products makes Nordic Food Partners an obvious choice as partner for your new brand.

Present to us and allow us to listen to your wishes and ideas, and through close cooperation, let us move on from your original vision to a safe, certified and complete product.


We can help you through the whole process from start to finish and can advise on the choice of products, methods, packaging and design. Contact Business Unit Manager, Thomas Frey (​, if you want to hear about a private label collaboration with Nordic Food Partners A/S.

COOP & Irma's Organic Series

COOP have for many years received organic products produced by Nordic Food Partners A/S, and since Irma started to carry their own organic products, Nordic Food Partners A/S have delivered and packed rice for their organic rice series.

Netto's ØGO Series

Salling and Netto together with Nordic Food Partners A/S were the first in the world to launch a complete homogeneous series of all rice varieties on an ecological basis, packed in uniform material and design.

Since Netto further took the steps to materialize their strategy "everyone must be able to afford to buy organic food", Nordic Food Partners A/S have processed, packed and delivered certified organic rice, beans, seeds, lentils, grains, etc. for Netto.

REMA's Rize House

Nordic Food Partners A/S has, for many years, been an active player in REMA's growth in Denmark, and Nordic Food Partners A/S is still supplying all these products, in REMA's own private labels and in our house brand "Rize House".


Nordic Food Partners A/S manufactures and supplies the entire food industry, including

food service companies.

Products supplied by Nordic Food Partners A/S are used by several leading catering companies, and our sales are made directly or through wholesalers.

Product development is, therefore, an important focus area, and we take great pride in continuously developing new, attractive products.

We see it as our job to constantly think innovatively and quickly meet customer demands.

Industry and commodity sales

We import directly from several continents worldwide and through direct investment in organic companies in Thailand and Argentina, we have easy access to organic rice, seeds, grains, lentils, beans, etc.


The total supply chain control is the major reason that all goods imported, processed and delivered by Nordic Food Partners A/S represent a level of the correct quality and a price, which is designed to stimulate organic food sales.

Product Catalogue

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