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For the sake of the climate, the economy and health..
>>Made in Scandinavia - organic quality<<
>>100% allergen-free and without additives.<<

In Scandinavia, we eat an average of 52 kg of meat annually (DTU) - Meat is generally very resource-intensive and environmentally burdensome to produce, and there will not be room in the future for the quantities eaten today.

This NEWEST generation III of plant meat is the previously missing climate-friendly good and healthy alternative.

With products based on local European raw materials, NFP ́s plant meat is already ahead in terms of consumption of Co2 during transport from the field to the production with an address in Norway.
Furthermore, the production is powered by Vandkraft, and with a local port, so there is practically no transport.

NFP, in collaboration with Danish/Norwegian Vestkorn, is launching a plant-based meat product (organic) which, on all parameters, is the epitome of doing the right thing.

This product is not based on Chinese soy protein, like many other comparable products, but instead on Danish/European grown organic peas and fava beans.

The most important points where plant-based meat substitutes differ from regular minced meat:

- Very competitive price compared to the price of meat
- Absorbs own weight with min. 3 times during preparation.
- Organic
- Must not be actively cooled/frozen
- Long shelf life in the kitchen drawer
- Vegan / Halal / Kosher
- Low water consumption compared to meat
- Significantly lower CO2 footprint than meat
- Rich in protein - min. 55 g per 100 g
- Low content of saturated fat - <1.5 g per 100 g
- High fiber content - > min. 16 g per 100 g

For Catering & Food Service, the supply chain is easy and convenient, and just like rice, pasta and other dry products, thus avoiding expensive cold distribution, waste due to failure of a broken cold chain, and a warehouse and shelf storage which is significantly cheaper and less space-consuming than the traditional refrigerator.

For more information please feel free to contact NFP.

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