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Nordic Food Partners A/S import and produce organic and conventional dry food products and represent a long and strong tradition of collaboration with the food industry.


We do provide a great range of tailor-made solutions for retail chains, industrial clients, foodservice and any other parts of the food sector.


Our head office and main facilities are located in the centre of Jutland close to Skive, where we have established our administration, packing facilities and also our unique rice mill, which is probably the only European rice mill 100% dedicated to processing organic rice.


All of our products are processed and packed in Denmark after Danish standards and according to our local Danish and EU legislation.


Nordic Food Partners A/S are directly involved, financially or as formalized commercial partners, in multiple organic agricultural projects based in Thailand, Argentina, Cambodia, Pakistan, etc, which is why we are capable of continuously developing and increasing our organic product range, based on total control and transparency of the supply chain.

Nordic Food Partners A/S strives to develop our company, and we take strong pride in offering new technological developments, new products for our market segments, as well as always being on top of the environmental agenda.


Our overall objective is to grow in sales and to offer a reliable and safe supply of certified, authentic organic food products for the European market.

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