Food waste - policy and efforts

Simply Organics Quick Rice Mix is a product created on the basis of our policy to reduce food waste.

We want to fight the unnecessary waste of food, as food waste is not only a burden on the economy but also on our environment and the society we live in. By focusing on the recycling opportunities on our co-products, we take an active part in the struggle to prevent food waste.


Our organic broken rice is a natural by-product after milling rice. During milling, some of the rice unavoidably breaks, hence the name broken rice.


Broken rice has traditionally been sold as pet food or even feed products, but when we select our broken rice carefully and mix these broken grains with other organic seeds, the end product has a fine consistency and a nice taste, available at an attractive price.


This way we minimize food waste and have created new exciting products.

Nordic Food Partners A/S takes an active part in minimizing food waste. This is the keystone in our future strategy.

For this reason, we use a reseal function on our signature packing.

The zipper at the top of our doy-pack allows the consumer to open and close the bag multiple times and also guarantees that your food products will maintain the high quality throughout the shelf life, without the consumer having to use all the content at once.

Our recent initiative in our fight against food waste is a formalized agreement with DanChurchAid on sales in their stores, from which financial profits go to poverty alleviation in developing countries.


Nordic Food Partners A/S are approved for import, production and trading organic food by the Danish authorities and we are approved for ECO imports from third world countries.


To ensure proper and safe quality, our facilities are FSSC 22000 certified. 

The certification guarantees the standards of the complete supply chain's and is a globally recognized certification that creates worldwide transparency and safety throughout the food industry.


Nordic Food Partners A/S is also KRAV certified for the sale of organic products in Sweden.

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